After years of advising clients on various different aspects of running and growing their business, Suzie came to realise that her previous experience in industry put her in quite a unique position in the accountancy practice profession.

This is when the business mentoring idea came to fruition.

Not all business owners can afford the one to one business support and advice that we provide so we started a series of online mentoring programs that are affordable for all.

As these are run through our sister company there is no requirement to be an accountancy client. So, if you're happy with your existing accountant but would like this extra service then please feel free to join us.

Clients simply log in online to one of our sessions each month where we talk about many different, non technical, business and finance topics that will assist you in running and growing your business.  You also get access to a closed Facebook page for advice and discussions, along with valuable resources and a recording of the session.

There's no travelling time to take you away from your business and all you need is a computer, tablet or smart phone and an hour of your time.

We run free taster sessions so why not try it out for yourself?

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