Whether you’re an individual or a company, it’s more than likely that you have a responsibility to submit your accounts to The Inland Revenue, and remember, this is legally binding obligation. Tax legislation is always changing and keeping up to date is something most people prefer to leave to the accountants.

Preparing and submitting your accounts should not be the end of the work your accountant does for you, in fact it should only be the beginning. An accountant who allows their clients to simply sign their accounts and file them away until next year is failing in their duty of support for the client.

Brooks Accountants will prepare your accounts but will always explain how to interpret the figures within these accounts. This will allow you to really understand your finances and to make decisions based on this knowledge.

No one should pay more tax than they are legally required to, and this is where tax planning comes into play. A properly run organisation works in a tax efficient manner; I think we can all agree we’d prefer to make our own choice about what to do with our money rather than simply hand it over to the Taxman.

Get in touch and come and have a chat with us to discuss whether your organisation is running in a tax efficient manner; it might take an hour of your time but you never know, it could save you money!